Mission Statement:

To drive businesses through empowered workforce

Who We Are:

AECSERVE LIMITED is registered in Nigeria with interest in education, training, technical and commercial services in computer aided design, computer and information technology and related services.

Our company evolved by synergy of experienced CADD and IT professionals. Our management moved on with this business ideology to establish an outstanding innovative design and technical practice for customers and clients who desire things to be done the right way.

What We Do:

Our services involve but not limited to education, training, certification, technical and commercial services in CADD for architecture, engineering and construction sectors. These include computer aided design and drafting (CADD), computer aided engineering (CAE), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), building information modeling (BIM) and parametric modeling covering product design, building design, infrastructure design, manufacturing design, plant design and entertainment design.

Who Are Our Customers:

We render education, training, certification, commercial and technical services to professionals and organizations in these industries.

  • Building Technology: architecture, planning, building, structural engineering, building services engineering, quantity surveying and project management.
  • Infrastructure Technology: transportation engineering, environmental engineering, agricultural engineering, survey and geospatial technology.
  • Manufacturing Technology: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, industrial engineering and multi-disciplinary CAM/CAE systems.
  • Plant Technology: petroleum and gas engineering, chemical engineering, laboratory science, material s production and other forms of process plant systems.
  • Entertainment Technology: movie and music media animations, 4D effects and dynamics.
  • Computer and Information Technology: computing, telecommunications, website and advanced graphics, security and computer hardware and software services.


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